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Tested. Trusted. Machine-Learning Powered.

Our full range of physical ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewalls are easy to deploy into your organization’s network and purposefully designed for simplicity, automation, and integration. See why our 66,000+ customers around the world have made us their trusted cybersecurity partner of choice.

 The World’s First ML-Powered NGFW

Legacy firewall security solutions react to new threats. Intelligent network security stays ahead of attackers and increases business agility. Our industry-leading family of next-generation firewalls are the first to leverage machine learning for proactive real-time and inline zero-day protection.

41.6B connected devices by 2025*
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The number of devices connected to the Internet is exploding; IDC forecasts up to 41.6 billion by 2025. As your data spreads ever further there are more opportunities for attacks; legacy security systems are becoming too complex to manage. Our prevention-based architecture simplifies your organization’s security posture through an integrated solution that:

  • Future-proofs your network with tightly integrated innovations
  • Drives immediate and effective actions through automation and analytics
  • Delivers consistent security with complete visibility everywhere

Teknik Spesifikasyonlar

Paloalto Networks
Resim Model Adı Detaylar
Paloalto PA-220
Paloalto PA-820
Paloalto PA-850
Paloalto PA-3220
Paloalto PA-3250
Paloalto PA-3260
Paloalto PA-5220